20 April

Hi, there. I find that my skin has been drier and drier than usual and sure, it’s such a frustrating problem, until finally I got a moisture version of Missha M Magic Cushion LINE FRIENDS. I have no idea, but that ‘moisture’ word sounds really promising for me, meh.

The cushion has a collaboration with LINE, the messaging application. It features the character Sally, a yellow duck, as the face of the cushion. Too cute to be true! It also comes in a bright orange and yellow packaging box that included 1 additional air puff and refill. The air puff is also in bright orange with Sally decorated all over. I personally love how I dab dab the product onto my face with the air puff itself, sooo fluffy.

Texture and Finish

I choose shade No. 21, it matches my skintone well, not slightly darker, nor too lighter. The product has lightweight texture which is perfect for my everyday makeup and yeah, I feel like I'm using anything in my face. It also gives a natural dewy finish that keeps my dry skin looking more glowy and moist. I totally love the finish! But, it feels a bit sticky when I touch my face after using it, mmm-hmm it does not really bad things.

Oil Control and Staying Power
My face getting ‘sweaty, shiny, oily’ after 4 hours and that means the oil control of this product is not bad at all. For staying power, it lasts quite good on my dry skin in about 3 to 4 hours for casual dates, window shopping, dinner and any other indoor activities. Sorry, I haven’t try for outdoor activities yet, so I don’t know its performance, huhu.

It has light to medium coverage, covers a bit of my redness, uneven skintone and veins, but it doesn’t cover dark circles under my eyes. I still have to apply a concealer before, but it’s okay. The product also has build-up coverage. One layer is enough for me, but you can definitely build it up with two or more layers for more coverage.

Yap, I love the whole cushion. The packaging, the texture, the finish, and also the coverage. It’s definitely my favorite cushion so far and I plan to repurchase it in the near future (Yes of course, if it comes out with any other new cute collaborations!)

Thank you for reading my short review, anyway. 

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2 komentar

  1. Ahh aku malah jatuh cinta sama konsep fotomu lho zahwa :) hihi aku juga pecinta cusshion

    1. Ah thankyou so much, Erny! Kalo aku malah jatuh cinta banget sama content lifestyle yang inspiring dan gaya bahasa yang selalu enak buat dibaca di setiap blogpostmu :)

      Yayyyy cushion emang lebih praktis sih ya soalnya hihi